A nice dining experience – Nordic Lodge Charlestown, RI

So this evening Keyron and I went to the Nordic Lounge in Charlestown, RI.

Nordic Lodge Map

As you can see from the map it’s pretty much in the middle of nowhere. But it has an interesting story. The family that founded it was originally from Brooklyn, NY. In the 1960’s they looked in that area and loved the water views. Hence was born the Nordic Lodge. It’s 30 some miles from Providence but well worth it. And it quite literally is best accessed via GPS. The woods are in fact lovely, dark and deep and I have promises to keep. In fact upon entering the property you’re greeted by two pyres burning away, quite awesome to behold.

It’s $91 per person but let me tell you – you can choose from all sorts of seafood including lobster, shrimp, scallops, oysters, crawdads, etc. All sorts of veggies like pickled beets, stuffed cherry peppers, artichoke heart and red pepper, etc. But they have something for everyone. You won’t leave without a stuffed belly.

For the $91 I consumed roughly 3lbs of lobster meat, had some fried scallops, some nicely done hush puppies, and a nice filet mignon done truly medium which I love. And then some chocolate coated cherries, chocolate coated strawberries, a very rich brownie, and I know I’m leaving out a few other things. There’s even breaded chicken if you want and all sorts of salads. Definitely got my $91 worth I’ll tell you. Total time about 1.5 hours.

Service for a buffet was impeccable. Drinks were kept refreshed at all time, lobster bibs and pliers supplied, table waste bowl emptied frequently, and even hot towelettes at the end.  I’d highly recommend the place. Just be prepared for sharp curves and a place where high beams are a must.

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