On the exoneration of Darren Wilson

That’s the cop who killed Michael Brown. A few things I’d like to note about the case.

1) The photos of Wilson don’t show what I consider any serious trauma to the cop. If a slight redness under the chin is his claim I call bovine effluent here. Wilson is 6’4″ tall and over 200lbs. So it was a pretty fair matchup between Michael Brown and the cop.

2) The unidentified police sergeant in the testimony says he didn’t hear any calls on his radio because he might have been out of range. Now let me clear I hold both my amateur radio and commercial radio licenses so I know a thing or two about radio propagation.

The town of Ferguson, MO is about 12 square miles. Now the sergeant says his handheld radio is a 5W unit. Now I work in Cambridge and can hit the 145.230Mhz repeater on 5W with no issues. This is over hill and dale mind you with quite a few tall buildings in between. Now Ferguson  – sure 12 square miles but the terrain is mostly flat. So the sergeant was telling a fib.

Another thing I find REALLY interesting. During the protest in front of the Ferguson Police Department – people were surging forward toward armed and riot suited cops. That’s quite different.

3 thoughts on “On the exoneration of Darren Wilson

  1. A trained cop should be able to defend himself firing 2 or 3 shots. A trained cop who fires 12 shots at an unarmed man is not defending himself; he is intending to kill. I’m flabergasted that this detail was never discussed.

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