A new series I’m digging: Salem

So apparently WGN out of Chicago is in the production game now. One of their properties is called “Salem” and it’s available on Netflix.

A synopsis: It starts in the mid 17th century town of Salem, Massachusetts. The governor of the town is one George Sibley. And Mr. Sibley is an asshole – he brands a big old F on poor Isaac’s forehead which stood for Fornicator.

And then there’s Mary Sibley – the witch and her past and current love Captain John Alden.

Then there’s also a new preacher one Cotton Mather. Who I actually find myself liking – I mean he consorts with whores, and is more a scientific believer than anything.

But it’s Cotton Mather’s father, one Increase Mather – he’s a real witch hunter and a fucking asshole. One of those holier than thou types. Now daddy Mather banishes Cotton’s love Gloriana – a whore. And Cotton isn’t having any of it. I can fully see him murdering old  Increase Mather sooner than later.

The story also makes me realize there is no way I could have lived back then. I don’t suffer fools gladly – nor does the good Captain John Alden.

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