Wherein the bigots make the biggest sin

It finally struck me today. I’m not religious but the first quarter or so of my life I was educated in the church, went to masses etc. but was just going through the motions because I’d learned much earlier that all of religion – right down to the foundation was based on fiction and nothing more.

But a lot of the knowledge of Catholicism stuck with me. Today is a perfect example. I finally after years of listening to bigots trying to deny me my rights, etc. in hearings and youtube and TV it’s finally occurred to me:

The bigots – be they the racists, homophobe, misogynists that all proclaim their belief in the Christian God, they’re also guilty of a grave sin. They violate one of the Ten Commandments – these are the biggies in the Old Testament. In essence, they constantly bear false witness against their neighbors. Brian Brown, Tony Perkins, and all the idiots of the AFA and the like – they violate this one regularly.

So if there were in fact a hell which I can assure you there isn’t, but if there were then the company we’d keep would be all the bigots. Isn’t that a lovely thought.

But it comes down to this – I can make these logical connections because I had the experience. Christians on the other hand are lead by the nose by charlatans trying to make a dollar. And those charlatans know that they can whip the followers into a frenzy or at least they used to be able to do so, over gay rights, women’s rights, equal rights, and so on.

In essence priests, pastors and their assorted ilk  are all in it for their own greater good. All based on bearing false witness.

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