The worst drivers out there

Are usually behind the wheel of a Mercedes Benz. I’ve now witnessed more than a few incidents in which owners of those cars have done some bone headed, assholis things. And geography doesn’t seem to have any effect. Mercedes drivers are assholes wherever you might go.

An example happened in the Boston area. The Mercedes is in the right lane, we’re in the left lane to make a left turn. Mercedes then proceeds to fake right, go left, cutting us off.

Then driving home through Connecticut another Mercedes owner recently just came out in front of me at speed and jacked on the brakes for no reason other than the Mercedes owner was an asshole.

It’s so bad I can almost read the mind of Mercedes owners now. I told the SO that when I get him the SLK if he starts behaving like that I’m going to have to take it way. I got the sincere promise that it won’t down like that.

Now on to my other worst driver nomination. It is women driving sport utility vehicles. Either they’re acting as speed cop doing 45MPH in the left lane of a highway with posted 70MPH speed limits, or they’re weaving in and out jockeying to speed. It’s kind of funny. Whenever I see that behavior I’m always “I wonder if the driver is female?” and getting near and observing that it’s true – well.

3 thoughts on “The worst drivers out there

  1. I am glad to hear that things have not changed on the road as far as interstate travel goes. It sounds like you had a great time.

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