2014 Holiday of Saturnalia, Christmas, Solstice, Kwanzaa and Festivus

Not sure how this escaped my posting but I completely forgot to do a holiday post.

The trip down went well and the trip back was cool – we went US 17 to US 13, to US 113 to US 1 up until New Jersey. Then skipped onto I-95 for the rest of the way. The ride through connecticut seemed interminable. And we avoided the shit in Virginia and Maryland. I’ll use that route from now on.

Anyhow gifts – the 42″ LED TV was a big hit with the mother in law. She’d been without since the old CRT based TV she had shit the bed and displayed a solid green line across the middle. I know what causes that – the circuit controlling the yoke must have popped a capacitor, and the gun was minus the red gun – likely burned out in the CRT. But she went on and on how she liked the new TV. It’s a really sleek LG unit.

The nephew got a new U.S. Open winter coat, a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles backpack with hood and masks, and two more TMNT figures, one of Splinter, the other of Michelangelo Elf. He’s six years old and full of energy and he took a shine to his uncle Tony, even though I am a white guy.

The nieces each got the Webster spelling corrector – something I’m told they needed. They’re nine years old now and maturing rapidly both in mental attitude and body. I guess it’s true that puberty for girls starts at 9 these days.

Christmas day was a time of raucous joy. Everybody was in the spirit. And I made a batch of the cheddar cheese shortbread biscuits. Those were a big hit.

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