A potential new job

I’ve been working up in Cambridge, MA for the past eight months. But  it’ a contract job, and this contract has now been extended twice – once for three months, and then the second time for six months. I can’t see the contract lasting all that long.

So a recruiter reached out to me. She saw my resume on Monster and thought I’d be a good fit. Now she had emailed me while I was on the Christmas/Saturnalia/Solstice/Kwanzaa/Fesitfus holiday. So I responded back saying I was sorry I didn’t reply sooner and gave her an updated copy of my resume.

Well – got a call from the company I’d be working for – they want to interview me tomorrow morning.

More money. Pays a few thousand more than I make now and that’s including the bonus I currently get.

The commute is much shorter. Instead of 53 miles to Cambridge, MA it’d be 6.5 miles away if I took RI 10. But I’ll be taking RIPTA as the service actually works in that area.

So that leads to the commute that will cost far less. Right now I pay $330 per month for an MBTA commuter pass that also allows me access to the subways and buses on the system. A pass on RIPTA is $62 a month, so that means I can pocket $268 per month, or$3,216 per year. Nice!

Oh and the best part – no more getting up just before 5AM. I can sleep in until 6:30AM to 7:00AM and still be to work by 8:30AM. Glory glory hallelujah!

We’ll see how things go. I think I’ll ace the interview.

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