The Job Interview

Standard tack on this one. THey asked me to tell them about my pro career. I told them what I’m doing now, what I’d done at the RI Sec. of State’s office, etc. THey were particularly impressed with the encrypted hard drives I deal with now, and the work I’d done moving the I.T. space and project planning and documentation at the RI SOS.

Then they went on to what I call lightning round questions.

They were:
1) What’s the difference between UDP and TCP

2) How do you refresh a DHCP address in Windows

3) How do you tell what port is open

4) How do you tell if a process is running on Linux

5) How do you count files in a Linux file system

I nailed all the questions. They did clue me that people had been in to interview that didn’t know ANY of the answers. Interesting.

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