Once again in to the deep freeze

It’s mother fucking cold out there. So bad that they cancelled public schools in the city of Providence today. For a good part of the day it was -1F then moving to 1F, 2F or so. Not surprising as this time last year we were seeing single digit temperatures too. I just don’t recall them cancelling school for that. Interesting.

I went to work – put on my Eddie Bauer Parka, headphones, phone and gloves and walked to the train station as usual. Did detour through the empty Providence Place Mall – ran up about 50 steps on the stilled escalators. That was fun.

Should warm up into the high 30’s and mid to high 40’s next week. Which is fine with me.

And it’s funny – when I got into the office I said to my officemate “They cancelled school in Providence because of the cold – fucking pussies!”

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