Today’s WTMFH moment: Ted Cruz to oversee NASA

Senator Ted Cruz has a new job – to oversee NASA. This is a guy who has been openly critical of NASA in the past. And they let him oversee it? What kind of bizarro universe are we living in today?

And the WTMFH means What the Mother Fucking Hell! That was what I thought when I saw the article about Cruz.

Need I remind everyone, the 2nd Amendment wasn’t written so that you can own 500 guns and open carry in supermarkets. It was written because the founding fathers knew that governments get despotic every now and again. And if you read the writings of Jefferson, Paine, De Tocqueville et al you begin to understand that those men knew despotic government and knew that fresh blood must be spilt to maintain liberty.

And no I’m not a tea bagger. But I understand the true intent behind the 2nd Amendment.

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