Movies: Pride

Interesting and sort of cute movie. It’s set in the mid 1980’s when Maggie Thatcher was trying to screw the unions.

A bunch of gay and lesbians start collecting money to support the striking miners. And into the mix is thrown Joe, or Bromley, new to the gay scene and just finding his way.

The group, LGSM (Lesbians and Gays Supporting Miners) starts to sponsor a down and out miners group in south Wales. And they begin changing that community. To the point where it brings out one hateful bigoted bitch, and later in the movie we find out the elderly man and the vociferous and fierce woman is in that union hall are gay and lesbian.

And in the end – those miners unions because of the support of that gay group marched in the 1985 Gay Pride parade in London with LGSM.

I see the parallels here and now. When the marriage equality fight was going it was the union groups and the National Association of Social Workers, APA, et al who came out in support.

2 thoughts on “Movies: Pride

    1. Yeah – I recall my Gay Godfather – this is late 1980’s. He took me around everywhere. Then when he was diagnosed with HIV I had him around for maybe 5 more years before he succumbed. But in the interim I learned how to build a parade float with nothing but tissue, chicken wire and spray paint.

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