And that makes Ten

Ten years that is. Ten years that I’ve been blogging. I started in 2005 – on blogger of all places. Moved over here to WordPress when blogger started getting stupid. Blogspot actually suspended me for posting true information when someone bitched and poof – account suspended. Even wordpress succumbed to that once until I educated them on how not to be stupid. Plus I went preemptive on WP’s ass – I replicated the blog to another site on WP.

But now we’re on an even keel – they didn’t even suspend my account when I posted the names and photographs of the RI Representatives and Senators that opposed marriage equality and voted against it. And I know some of those folks still refer to the port – I see it in the blog stats. It’s pretty funny.

I’m told by certain people that I’m vicious in the way I go about things – I go directly for the jugular. I also acknowledge that I have a skill for pissing on people’s corn flakes. Can’t help myself – it is what it is.

The muse to blog is a little more fickle these days. Now that the marriage equality fight is nearing a close the blog has turned more personal. Which I guess is a good thing.

So here we are, the blog and I both ten years older and probably a lot wiser.

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