The weather outside is frightful

Yeah – we had our first official snow yesterday. All the others were simply dustings of snow that evaporated/sublimated within a day.

And yours truly cannot be stopped by a little snow. I was out driving around in it. You haven’t experience sheer terror and/or fun until you hydroplane on slush at speed! Whee!

Or getting behind a nervous nelly whose speed on the highways ranges from 35MPH to 65MPH in the space of a mile or two. Or coming down I-95 to find a mattress and box spring strewn across the majority of lanes on the highway.

Here’s the thing – the highways were in fact down to pavement and had the shit salted out of them. Saw many a RIDOT truck out doing their thing too. And the state troopers were all busy with extracting cars out of the right shoulder ditch on both the northbound and southbound spans in Warwick/Coventry.

But it was wet – to the point where windshield wipers are pretty useless. It’s 2015 – you’re telling me running a squeegee across a piece of glass is the state of the art? How about glass that just makes water bead off. Or forced air, or some such. Sheesh!

Did make a point of going out during the earlier part of the day and later around 6:30PM you know, when temperatures started to drop and everything started to ice up.

And this morning I was awoken by the sounds of an idiot neighbor  vigorously scraping ice off their car. If it didn’t take so long to boil some oil I would have thrown some on them. Or maybe a laser – yeah something over 150W – just cuts through the ice and human tissue too. It’s a twofer.

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