On Virgin Birth

Now if you read this blog you know that I’m not religious at all – in fact I call myself a nihilistic atheist.

But I was thinking about something – the muse was the new show “Jane the Virgin”. About a woman who undergoes artificial insemination and how she then meets the donor aka father. Typical sitcom.

But that got the mind going. You do realize that in the modern world you do in fact have virgin births. Back a couple thousand years ago you didn’t. So what this tells me is that the story of the conception of the Jesus character, let’s just say that Mary was knocked up by something other than a manifestation of a god.

I can just see how it went – the venerated Mary goes for a little hanky-panky in the desert. Comes back and discovers she’s pregnant. And then young Joseph, he wore his horns well and married Mary.

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