Great Grocery Store – Market Basket

So the Market Basket store in South Attleboro finally opened a few weeks ago. And we’ve hit it since it’s second week in business. It’s an easier ride to South Attleboro than Coventry for Wally World.

And the fresh stuff they have in the store is pretty damned good. We mostly get the salads and soups they have. But today we picked up some sushi and I have to say it, for supermarket sushi it’s pretty damned tasty!

And the selection of merchandise – it’s a normal supermarket yes, but they have items that are things you won’t find in normal supermarkets in the area. One item we picked up was Jackfruit. Never seen it before in all the supermarkets we’ve been to so we picked up a small bit of it. Also got some nice russet potatoes and a big bottle of white vinegar. Yeah, found a recipe on YouTube for microwave salt and vinegar chips – I’m going to make those!

Price wise it’s not a discount chain per se, but some things are less expensive there. The soups for instance are considerably less expensive than those at Target and Trader Joe’s. But very tasty.

And if you’ve been following the story on Market Basket – you’ll find that there was a family struggle for control ultimately won by the companies well loved leader.

And from what I’ve read their employees are both well compensated and management actually treats them well. That’s a good reason to shop as any. But like I said – some really tasty stuff there.

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