The second big snow of 2015.

The first was the 2 or 3 feet of the fucking shit we got a bit over a week ago. Everything shut down for that one even RIPTA and MBTA.

Today started a three day odyssey of snow – about 2 inches of it in Providence when I left this  morning. About 6 inches of it in Cambridge. And it’s white out conditions – as the Red Line crosses the Charles you can see the skyline on either side. All you saw today was a white field. That’s it.

Had I mentioned – I was geared up for it, had my Timberland hikers and my Eddie Bauer parka along with some 180 gloves and I was good to go with the hood up. These Timberland hikers are awesome in snow. They grip like all hell, that is if you don’t mind the puddles you’ll leave in the office as the snow packed in them is going to melt.

But I still hate it. I’m pretty sure the commute back to Providence is going to be fucking awful. But RIPTA should still be running, I hope.

The more I deal with this shit the more I hate it and one of these days I’m going to pack up and move the hell out of the northeast.

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