The horror of the commute on MBTA 2015-02-09

So we had a little snow event beginning of the week. When I got to South Station I was greeted by this:

20150209_160932[1]Yup – Delayed and Cancelled were the order of the day. The 4:08PM Wickford Junction didn’t leave the station until 5:00PM and got into Providence TWO hours later. Normally the tripe is an hour and ten minutes. But this one went EXTRA slow.

And of course the MBTA was shut down yesterday. That’s twice in one month they’ve shut down. Apparently the governor in Massachusetts wants to have  a word with the MBTA management. I can save him the trouble – what the MBTA needs is a few billion dollars in capital funding to buy new rolling stock and upgrade track. And unless the governor of MA has any idea where the money is coming from I suggest he not even bother.

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