I just can’t help myself

So on Disqus I chime in on how the God Christians worship is, well, a creation of mankind.

So I had said:

Marriage pre-dates religion by at least 1000 years or more. However if you look at pre-columbian cultures – it’s the twisted European worldview that created the bigots like you guys.

    • wrong. God created it. you have no right to change it. calling us bigots is not going to work.

      To which I replied:

      Oh and your god – is just one of the later conceptions of a god. And the passage in the Bible that the devil has many names – well so does your god. Yahweh, Elohim, El, Jehovah.. need I go on?

      And Stephanie Wilson replied:
      your arrogance is amazing.

      To which I replied:

      Thanks for the compliment! Much appreciated. I’m not arrogant – but I do know my stuff.

      And Stephanie said:


      My reply:

      Logical fallacy! For example – have you ever read the entirety of the KJV? I have. So I know what’s contained within and not only that but who wrote what and it’s original purpose.

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