Month: February 2015

RIPTA and their Clock Problem

So today – I get to Bus Stop V at 5:48PM. And the #27 bus is taking off. I give it the old open palm gesture – I know the driver could see me but he kept going.

I figured I’d wait for the 6:00PM #28 as it goes down Broadway too. But it never came. By 6:10PM I gave up and walked home.

But then it struck me – all RIPTA’s clocks are two minutes fast.

But then MBTA today was fun – the 4:08PM didn’t leave until 4:15PM because, and I kid you not, they couldn’t find the engineer.

I just can’t help myself

So on Disqus I chime in on how the God Christians worship is, well, a creation of mankind.

So I had said:

Marriage pre-dates religion by at least 1000 years or more. However if you look at pre-columbian cultures – it’s the twisted European worldview that created the bigots like you guys.

    • wrong. God created it. you have no right to change it. calling us bigots is not going to work.

      To which I replied:

      Oh and your god – is just one of the later conceptions of a god. And the passage in the Bible that the devil has many names – well so does your god. Yahweh, Elohim, El, Jehovah.. need I go on?

      And Stephanie Wilson replied:
      your arrogance is amazing.

      To which I replied:

      Thanks for the compliment! Much appreciated. I’m not arrogant – but I do know my stuff.

      And Stephanie said:


      My reply:

      Logical fallacy! For example – have you ever read the entirety of the KJV? I have. So I know what’s contained within and not only that but who wrote what and it’s original purpose.

    The New Toy finally works Uwatch U8

    So a few weeks back I picked up a Uwatch U8 for $34. Pretty decent price for a smart watch. I don’t wear it much as my winter gear interferes with it to some degree.

    But I finally got around to getting it to work with my phone. It’s pretty simple – you just go to the Google Play store and search for Bluetooth Notifier, the first app in the list is the one you install.

    Then turn on Bluetooth on the U8, and then turn on Bluetooth on your phone.

    I will say the dialer is non intuitive in that you can enter a phone number but there is no send or talk button.

    But contacts sync, it can manipulate the phone cameras, contacts, texts, etc. Really interesting.

    Why do public transit systems go to shit in cold weather?

    So this evening on the way back to  Providence on the MBTA Commuter and announcement comes over that dispatch is ordering them to stop at Route 128 and Canton Junction. Something about that struck me as odd and I’ll explain why.

    At each stop only one person got off the train. But here’s the rub – how did the dispatchers know that people go on the wrong train in the first place? Yeah – something reeks on that one. But the end result is we get into Providence at 5:50PM a full 25 minutes late. Of course the MBTA service has been shit all week. And I suspect with 12 inches of snow coming next week will be awful too.

    And RIPTA true to form whenever it’s cold and snowy/rainy  – RIPTA is always late. It’s funny they put up these displays on all the shelters in Kennedy Plaza but the one for the 27/28 buses isn’t switched on yet. I wonder why. And I’m pretty sure they have GPS tracking on those buses now. In fact the level of technology on a bus has gone up seriously in the past 40 years. I remember when buses had manual transmissions, no air conditioning, no electronic fare boxes, no tracking, no traffic light holding equipment, and no cameras. Now of course all of that has changed, they’re automatics now and air conditioned. But it doesn’t make up for the fact that RIPTA is consistently late.

    I’d like to see about 50 Billion dollars invested in improving public transit in the northeast region. I’m pretty sure if you got the congressional delegates from New Hampshire on down through Massachusetts, Connecticut and Rhode Island you have quite a few congress critters and senators. Maybe if they put their heads together we could get first class public transit systems.

    More on the MBTA

    I’ve said it frequently – the MBTA needs several billion dollars to upgrade equipment.

    But how are they going to get the money to do this? Unless their federal delegation starts getting serious about it, it ain’t gonna happen.

    And I’ll evaluate the various subway lines – the Red and Orange lines are in need of upgrade more than anything. In the case of the Red Line all the 015, 016 and 017 cars need to be replaced – when they come down the track you can hear and feel the bearings on the axles grinding like all hell.

    The Green line is a mix of older and newer cars. But it seems in good enough shape for now.

    The Silver line are fairly recent articulated buses so they’re in good shape too.

    And of course the Blue line – that’s the one that goes between Wonderland and Bowdoin with one major stop being Government Center. And of course that’s the line in the best condition.

    Now let’s talk about the commuter rail. The locomotives date to the 70’s and 80’s and are in need of replacement. They’ve begun doing so with more modern locomotives but it’s a slow process. And I contend that the locomotives should be replaced with electric power cars on the Providence/Boston line. It’s all electrified already and I’m sure they could work out compensation with Amtrak.

    The whole furries thing: Meh!

    It was Inside Edition talking about the Furries. If you’re not familiar let me show you:

    Yep, The Banana Splits. If you’re of a certain age and watched a lot of television as a kid you know who they are.

    And even in movies you saw furries:

    Yeah – it’s been in culture for some time now. Me the only furries I like is a man’s hair chest. Never got into the whole cosplay scene either.

    The horror of the commute on MBTA 2015-02-09

    So we had a little snow event beginning of the week. When I got to South Station I was greeted by this:

    20150209_160932[1]Yup – Delayed and Cancelled were the order of the day. The 4:08PM Wickford Junction didn’t leave the station until 5:00PM and got into Providence TWO hours later. Normally the tripe is an hour and ten minutes. But this one went EXTRA slow.

    And of course the MBTA was shut down yesterday. That’s twice in one month they’ve shut down. Apparently the governor in Massachusetts wants to have  a word with the MBTA management. I can save him the trouble – what the MBTA needs is a few billion dollars in capital funding to buy new rolling stock and upgrade track. And unless the governor of MA has any idea where the money is coming from I suggest he not even bother.