Events: Sunday meeting with City Councilor and State Representative

So in the past I’d written how I worked with my city councilor to enhance the penalties for not shoveling your sidewalks. That went through.

However some things have emerged that concern me greatly. For example, I live in Providence, RI but work in Cambridge, MA. The difference in the condition of sidewalks in both cities are diametrically opposites. In most of Cambridge it’s down to pavement on the sidewalks. In Providence there’s ice and shit still on the sidewalks. In addition I’ve heard on the news that the city can’t say WHO they’ve cited under the revised law.

So at the meeting I want to bring up:

1) Police department and Department of Public Works needs to be on board and cognizant of the changes to the law.

2) Public education – could be as simple as small signs posted  – this is big in Cambridge btw. I would take it one further – on the signs put a QR code and a web address, E.g.

3) And one thing media has gone on about is the unavailability of salt for people to buy. So I’d like to propose the city take an empty lot by eminent domain and put a salt pile there. Charge people $10 for two ten pound burlap sacks. Refills would be a buck or two per 10lbs and problem solved.

2 thoughts on “Events: Sunday meeting with City Councilor and State Representative

    1. Yeah I made the point that the company I work with now will soon be looking for expansion space. And how it won’t be Providence because of lack of attention to little things like sidewalks and shitty public transit.

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