First foray into LED light bulbs

Picked up a two pack of LED soft-white  light bulbs today. It was on sale for $9.99 at Target of all places.

They do better than the Compact Fluorescent bulbs in two ways – first the CFL’s are 13W, the LED bulbs are 7W. Second the lifespan of the LED lights is 22 years. Yeah ‘ll be in my 70’s when they finally die. And it’s highly likely the plastic casing will rot away before the 22 years is up.

And I’ll be honest I’m starting to see LED lighting everywhere. Around the corner they’re rehabilitating the old DePasquale Pharmacy into what looks like office space and they’ve put LED lights over the front and rear entrances. Traffic lights are most LED now along with the pedestrian signals. Then there is the train platform – once the platform goes outdoors there are lights along the way – all LED. And on the way into Back Bay Station in Boston I note all the lights are being changed from High Pressure Sodium lamps to LED lamps. I never would have thought when I was younger that the humble little indicator LED could ever become the powerhouse lighting of today.

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