Outlook – the worst email app out there

So I have to use Outlook 10 at work. It’s hideous.

And more to the point I find myself using OWA a lot when I’m not in the office. When you do attachments it trys to remind you to install Silverlight if you want to keep typing while attaching files.

As I’ve said before, Silverlight is a flaming piece of excrement. Ever since making Chrome my main browser (Though if I want to use OWA I have to use Internet Exploder.) I didn’t install Silverlight because all the video sites work just fine in Chrome via h.264 etc. Even Netflix who has gotten a heap of shit from me for choosing Silverlight in the past.

But just on Outlook in general – it’s clunky, slow and painful to use. Microsoft has really dropped the ball.

4 thoughts on “Outlook – the worst email app out there

  1. Microsoft never picked up the ball. Always dreadful programming, clunky, inelegant.

    I use an Apple so I get iMail. Don’t use it. I much prefer the more elegant Verizon email i get with my package. Extremely easy to use.

    For a Calendar I much prefer YahooCalendar. Unbelievably easy to use. I use it my way, making it just one step. Then I edit to have an email reminder sent to me.

    With Apple I also get Safari. Don’t use it, it seems not powerful enough. I much prefer Firefox. Easier, faster, stronger.

    I do use Apple Pages and Apple iCloud for file storage. I can open and read Word documents. I can convert a pages document to Word. Very simple, quick process. And conversion to pdf is also really easy and fast.

    Apple causes a lot of serious problems very time it update its OS operating system on my iMac and MacBook. But I always figure out on my own how to get things to work. And there’s always those helpful free visits to the Apple Store.

    Every week, a few times, I think about how happier I am not now that I never have to deal with MicroSoft products.

    And cost! Apple software (the ones you have to pay for, like Pages) is unbelievably cheap, and upgrades come free and automatic.

    MicroSoft is an unfunny scary movie. Perfect for the corporate deviants out there.

    1. Yeah – I’m considering a new laptop – probably a Dell XPS 13 – and wonder of wonders Dell offers it with either Win8/10 or Ubuntu 14.04 LTE. Guess which one I’m gonna ask for – the latter.

  2. I avoid Outlook in two ways: Use OWA and never Outlooks (Firefox works fine for me) and take advantage of the IMAP functionality of Exchange to run an alternative mail client.

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