RI Most likely to legalize recreational Marijuana.

This is great news. I say it because I see benefits of both regulating the product, taxing it, and allowing people the freedom to use the product in their own homes.

Here’s the RI House Bill. 

And the author and sponsors of the bill don’t surprise me in the least.

Representative Scott Slater represents Providence District 10.

Representative Brian Newberry represents North Smithfield and Burrilville.

Representative Edith Ajello is former Judiciary committee Chair and represents Providence DIstrict 1.

Representative Chris Blazejewski represents Providence District 2.

Represetnative Anastasi Williams represents Providence District 9.

So of the five – four are Providence based. And I know a lot of us have reached out to all of them regarding this. It’s a win-win for the state. FIrst of all it’s tax revenue that the state could definitely use now that cigarette taxes are declining. But it also means no criminal convictions for the producers, sellers and customers. That’s a big expense wiped off the books. In fact I think the bill should go further and pardon all those convicted of drug trafficking where the drug was marijuana.

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