I’m at that phase in my career/life

Where what I know is far beyond what the vast amount of folks know.

It’s to the point where if I pontificate on the future I get the standard blank stare. Or even in an interview when I mentioned I had information security experience to the point where I had trepidation about swiping a credit card. Got a really great laugh out of the interviewer. At least he had an understanding of what I was talking about.

But put me in a non technical situation and all bets are off.

For example when I met with my State Representative and City Councilor the State Rep asked what I did for a living. So I said what I tell everyone, I’m a Senior Linux Engineer. In that particular case I got asked “What’s that?” so I brought it down a few levels and said “Computers, I work with computers.”

Some people are a bit more graceful about it though. I recall one instance where I was doing my future pontificating and the other party said to my SO to hold onto that one honey. Funny!

People don’t realize the future is going to be VERY interesting. I’ll start with a fairly simple one, dentistry. They’re experimenting with ways to re-grow the enamel and pulp of a tooth. Which would mean no crowns, bridges, etc. Just re-grow the tooth.

Or Medicine where they’re experimenting with DNA based nano-machines/robots that can deliver a treatment directly to a tumor and nothing else. Or the usage of measles, adenovirus and even attenuated HIV to knock out cancer using the immune system. And as referenced above regarding dentistry, it’s regenerative medicine. Imaging growing new limbs, organs, no more paralysis from spinal injuries, in essence they’re starting to learn how to put the human body back together to make it whole. That’s fascinating.

And then there’s DARPA – they are getting heaving into the regenerative and even AI and all sorts of interesting things.

I know about this stuff – most people don’t.

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