Month: March 2015

I’m at that phase in my career/life

Where what I know is far beyond what the vast amount of folks know.

It’s to the point where if I pontificate on the future I get the standard blank stare. Or even in an interview when I mentioned I had information security experience to the point where I had trepidation about swiping a credit card. Got a really great laugh out of the interviewer. At least he had an understanding of what I was talking about.

But put me in a non technical situation and all bets are off.

For example when I met with my State Representative and City Councilor the State Rep asked what I did for a living. So I said what I tell everyone, I’m a Senior Linux Engineer. In that particular case I got asked “What’s that?” so I brought it down a few levels and said “Computers, I work with computers.”

Some people are a bit more graceful about it though. I recall one instance where I was doing my future pontificating and the other party said to my SO to hold onto that one honey. Funny!

People don’t realize the future is going to be VERY interesting. I’ll start with a fairly simple one, dentistry. They’re experimenting with ways to re-grow the enamel and pulp of a tooth. Which would mean no crowns, bridges, etc. Just re-grow the tooth.

Or Medicine where they’re experimenting with DNA based nano-machines/robots that can deliver a treatment directly to a tumor and nothing else. Or the usage of measles, adenovirus and even attenuated HIV to knock out cancer using the immune system. And as referenced above regarding dentistry, it’s regenerative medicine. Imaging growing new limbs, organs, no more paralysis from spinal injuries, in essence they’re starting to learn how to put the human body back together to make it whole. That’s fascinating.

And then there’s DARPA – they are getting heaving into the regenerative and even AI and all sorts of interesting things.

I know about this stuff – most people don’t.

Want to try an exercise in annoyance – try turning off Talkback on Android

So somehow Talkback got turned on on my Android phone. Touching anything started the phone reading the description of what I’d touched to me. Really annoying. I suppose it’s for the visually impaired but then a touch screen phone is sort of a lost thing on the visually impaired in the first place although at this point in time I doubt you can get a phone that isn’t touch screen these days.

But it wouldn’t let me swipe across screens – then I googled – you have to use TWO fingers to swype.

I disabled the talkback app anyhow. It’s stupid. Bad on you Google for including that in Android. You should have thought that through.

RI Most likely to legalize recreational Marijuana.

This is great news. I say it because I see benefits of both regulating the product, taxing it, and allowing people the freedom to use the product in their own homes.

Here’s the RI House Bill.¬†

And the author and sponsors of the bill don’t surprise me in the least.

Representative Scott Slater represents Providence District 10.

Representative Brian Newberry represents North Smithfield and Burrilville.

Representative Edith Ajello is former Judiciary committee Chair and represents Providence DIstrict 1.

Representative Chris Blazejewski represents Providence District 2.

Represetnative Anastasi Williams represents Providence District 9.

So of the five – four are Providence based. And I know a lot of us have reached out to all of them regarding this. It’s a win-win for the state. FIrst of all it’s tax revenue that the state could definitely use now that cigarette taxes are declining. But it also means no criminal convictions for the producers, sellers and customers. That’s a big expense wiped off the books. In fact I think the bill should go further and pardon all those convicted of drug trafficking where the drug was marijuana.

Star Trek Reboots on YouTube

There are a fair number of Star Trek reboots on YouTube.

There’s “Star Trek Continues”, “Star Trek Phase II” and “Star Trek: Odyssey” are the ones I’ve found so far.

One them though has a gay couple in it. This was always a blind spot for the creator of the Star Trek series, Gene Rodenberry. There was some hope that Star Trek The Next Generation might include a gay character but it never happened.

I’m glad to see the reboots addressing the issue though. And all of it is on YouTube. In fact I think it’s in Star Trek Phase II you have a human and bajoran same sex couple. Very interesting.

Oh and Star Trek Phase II – it has Captain Kirk’s nephew Peter Kirk as a crew member. And yes, Peter is gay too.

Outlook – the worst email app out there

So I have to use Outlook 10 at work. It’s hideous.

And more to the point I find myself using OWA a lot when I’m not in the office. When you do attachments it trys to remind you to install Silverlight if you want to keep typing while attaching files.

As I’ve said before, Silverlight is a flaming piece of excrement. Ever since making Chrome my main browser (Though if I want to use OWA I have to use Internet Exploder.) I didn’t install Silverlight because all the video sites work just fine in Chrome via h.264 etc. Even Netflix who has gotten a heap of shit from me for choosing Silverlight in the past.

But just on Outlook in general – it’s clunky, slow and painful to use. Microsoft has really dropped the ball.

First foray into LED light bulbs

Picked up a two pack of LED soft-white  light bulbs today. It was on sale for $9.99 at Target of all places.

They do better than the Compact Fluorescent bulbs in two ways – first the CFL’s are 13W, the LED bulbs are 7W. Second the lifespan of the LED lights is 22 years. Yeah ‘ll be in my 70’s when they finally die. And it’s highly likely the plastic casing will rot away before the 22 years is up.

And I’ll be honest I’m starting to see LED lighting everywhere. Around the corner they’re rehabilitating the old DePasquale Pharmacy into what looks like office space and they’ve put LED lights over the front and rear entrances. Traffic lights are most LED now along with the pedestrian signals. Then there is the train platform – once the platform goes outdoors there are lights along the way – all LED. And on the way into Back Bay Station in Boston I note all the lights are being changed from High Pressure Sodium lamps to LED lamps. I never would have thought when I was younger that the humble little indicator LED could ever become the powerhouse lighting of today.

So now two men can create a baby

Yeah I know. Bizarre but true.

But as we are wont to do we riff on stuff like that sometimes. For example we were trying to figure out what traits a child would get from between the two of us. Skin color, eye color, hair color and so on. Typical Mendelian stuff. But then we’re both hairy bears.

So I was theorizing on if we had a little girl we’d have to braid her back hair. But goes even further. There’s an old picture of my great grandmother when she was 19 years old. She had REALLy stern look on her face – in fact I think my cousin inherited that trait. But I theorized maybe it’s because she had to shave her back. The family name unbastardized is Italian for fur. Yeah – a trait in the family that probably hung the name on us.