Considering buying a car

I’ve sort of settled on what I want. A Volkswagen Golf. I’ll probably pick a used car up.

But I’m a bit torn – I can get a mid 2000’s GTI or TDI for a tad under $6K. The GTI because it moves, the TDI because they get 52MPG which would mean I’d fill up maybe once every 3 weeks. Of course the D in TDI means Diesel.

And most of the TDI’s I see are manual 5 speeds. I’m cool with that as I know how to drive a car with a manual transmission. And I know what to look for on Volkswagen and cars in general. But I also picked up an inexpensive ODB-II/EODB reader. Because the name of the game in used cars is negotiation. That $6K could be $4.5K because it may need a clutch or timing belt or both.

And I have to say I do like driving a Golf. I’ve always been one for smaller and fuel efficient vehicles. Sort of frugal that way. Plus I know it’s better for the environment if a car gets higher MPG. And better for the wallet overall.

So I guess I’m no so torn – the TDI it’ll probably be.

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