Got the news – My father died

Oh well – he’s been dead to me for years. I broke off contact with him over some shit on facebook and just the generally shitty way he treated me over the years.

So I got the news tonight that he died today. No tears were shed. In fact I’d long wished it was my father that died and not my mother. She died way too young. But my father survived to go through two more wives and finally his number was up.

Can’t say there was much love lost between he and I. He was a criminal, I worked in the state’s top law enforcement office. Of course I always knew my maternal grandfather harbored some hard feelings toward my father. Found out when dear grandad died that grandad had been a Providence Police officer for 20+ years and knew my fathers criminal acts.

But it’s over. The one regret if you could  call it that is I wish I had gotten his genetic sequence done. If only to rub the fact that he was part Ashkenazi in his face. Ah well. I know I have some of that same ancestry and I’m almost certain it came from his side of the family.

One thought on “Got the news – My father died

  1. I cut off all contacts with my parents years ago. I found out that my dad died in November last year a few months ago.


    I treat my own kids well.

    You are in my thoughts.

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