Nobody listens to me

So when I started working where I work I recommended a cart for keyboard, monitor etc.  Because servers are spread out through the room.

I was told and you’ll love this, that a cart would be too expensive and we couldn’t get one.  So I went over to Micro Center and got a 4 port KVM switch. That solved the swapping cables issue on one rack.

Well recently our 300TB storage array is in the low 90% utilization range. Which means we’re running out of space. It’s spread among two large disk cabinets. Well, the solution is to add one more disk cabinet.

So I got in the computer room today and the other two IT people are putting together a cart, or crash cart as we call it. So I asked how much did that cost? Well – couple hundred bucks.

The reason – because the keyboard and monitor are sitting in the server rack in the space where they want to put the new disk cabinet.

Ut si! I’ve completely stopped offering advice. Why bother when they won’t listen?

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