Ted Cruz thinks we want to take away his religious liberty

Well – as far as I’m concerned he’s right about me. I dont’ want to take it away from the religious bigots, I just wish they’d just shut their fucking mouths. Really – I’m getting tired of the shit the Repugs are pushing lately.

And then there’s that bigot pizza parlor who says they’d serve gay customers but wouldn’t make pizzas for a gay wedding. Yeah right. First off what gay couple would serve pizza at their wedding? I mean seafood, the standard chicken and beef etc. but pizza? You must be joking.

Your religious liberty offends me. And i have the right to tell you to go get fucked.

4 thoughts on “Ted Cruz thinks we want to take away his religious liberty

  1. He reminds me of some of my worse-off patients who scream how awful others are when they are the horrid one; they are amazing at always getting others on the defensive and feeling they are the ones in the wrong.

  2. I’d personally like to use a ball gag and duct tape on every h8-spewing teabagistani I can find. I am sick and tired of their fucking stupidity/religious claptrap. I’d like to see religion go “back in the closet”. or be outlawed entirely.

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