I am LOVING Amazon Prime

Well worth the money. For example the two day shipping on pretty much everything is REALLY nice.

I ordered a 10,000mAh external battery pack for charging the phone on the go. I ran my phone off it for five hours today and the battery gauge still hasn’t dropped below 100% on the external battery. Got to me in two days.

But what I really love is Amazon Music. Initially I had about 35 tracks in there, mostly Jodeci’s new disc and some Marcus Johnson tracks. But then I discovered I can go into the store, sort by genre and then check off the Prime box. All of it included with my Prime subscription and I’m now at 112 tracks and climbing.

Haven’t really watched much on the video side though.

I just get a little worried sometimes about the Amazon effect. It’s to the point that even personal care products are more easily obtained on Amazon than in the brick and mortars around me.

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