Month: April 2015

Something I realized about RIPTA

It seems when the weather is wet/snowy RIPTA tends to run earlier than it’s scheduled time. For example I caught the #27 bus leaving Berth Victor(V) today at 5:29PM. It’s not supposed to do so until 5:30PM.

And the #28 which comes at 5:40 sometimes gets there at 5:35PM. But not this evening, no, 5:42 on the dot.

Meanwhile when the sun is shining and traffic is light RIPTA is CONSISTENTLY late.

And in recent news a RIPTA bus killed a nine year old girl. The police investigation says the bus driver isn’t liable. Apparently the girl ran out in the street, and the bus was moving UNDER the speed limit. It just takes time to bring a 12 ton vehicle to a complete stop.

Considering buying a car

I’ve sort of settled on what I want. A Volkswagen Golf. I’ll probably pick a used car up.

But I’m a bit torn – I can get a mid 2000’s GTI or TDI for a tad under $6K. The GTI because it moves, the TDI because they get 52MPG which would mean I’d fill up maybe once every 3 weeks. Of course the D in TDI means Diesel.

And most of the TDI’s I see are manual 5 speeds. I’m cool with that as I know how to drive a car with a manual transmission. And I know what to look for on Volkswagen and cars in general. But I also picked up an inexpensive ODB-II/EODB reader. Because the name of the game in used cars is negotiation. That $6K could be $4.5K because it may need a clutch or timing belt or both.

And I have to say I do like driving a Golf. I’ve always been one for smaller and fuel efficient vehicles. Sort of frugal that way. Plus I know it’s better for the environment if a car gets higher MPG. And better for the wallet overall.

So I guess I’m no so torn – the TDI it’ll probably be.

Truthspew’s Guide to Escalator Etiquette

So as a rail commuter from Providence RI ┬áto Boston to Cambridge MA I’ve seen some assholish behavior when it comes to escalators. For example – if the escalator is wide enough static traffic to the right, dynamic traffic to the left.

But you always get some static dolt who stand there like a dope on the left side.

And let me define – static equals not moving just standing there. Dynamic means walking up the stairs.

And today at Providence station you had a whole knot of dolts standing on the left side. What the ever loving fuck! But one guy I see regularly on the train – he’s a big guy. He just pushed his way through. How I wish I had the height and mass to do that.

So the rule – if you’re not going to climb up the stairway stay to the right! Or┬áhalten sie nach rechts if you prefer German. If you’re going to walk keep left. See, it’s simple. It’s just like driving – slower traffic to the right, faster traffic on the left.

But it explains the shitty drivers in RI too. I mean I got my license here too but I don’t do the stupid shit I see people do all the time.