Thought I was having problems with the Kindle Web app

But I figured it out. While I was trying to dig up Amazon’s contact info the thought hit me.

I had recently re-enabled ScriptSafe on my Chrome browser. And what I like about the app is that you have to allow or trust certain parts of sites. Anything I know as an Ad server never gets trusted or allowed, but anything else from a trusted site I’ll allow.

I had to trust and – so in essence the libary uses Amazon S3. Interesting. We use S3 at work through an application call Eucalyptus – which I consider a flaming piece of shit.

The nice part of ScriptSafe is that it completely blots out the monetization efforts of YouTube. That was the primary motivation behind my turning ScriptSafe on again.

Thus far I’ve had to trust the Kindle web reader, DuoLingo’s site – I’m brushing up on my Spanish. Then I want to tackle Italian as it’s VERY close to Spanish, and then if I can find a reputable site to learn Latin I’d love to do that.

And my apologies for getting technical/geeky here. I just wanted everyone to know that before you reach out to support on any site, remember what you enabled on your web browser.

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