Fixing air conditioners

I’ve gotten pretty adept at fixing broken electrical and electronic devices. Little over a year ago I fixed the television when the power supply went on the fritz.

And recently plugged in the window air conditioner only to find the find the GFCI plug kept tripping. This caused someone in the house to say let’s just buy a new AC. No fucking way. Spend another $100 or more, no. As well as having to dispose of the current AC unit. No.

For $17 I bought a 15 amp GFCI plug on Amazon of all places. They just delivered it today. I would love to know how Amazon get the United States Postal Service to deliver on Sunday. Because that’s how it was shipped – benefits of the Prime program.

So later on I’ll strip off the old GFCI, put the new one on and functional AC again. It’ll take maybe 15 minutes to remove the old plug, strip the wires, and setup the new plug but $17 is way better than $100 or more and it puts off complete discard of the AC unit for a few more years.

I’ve even rewired an air conditioner who took a slight over-volt and got that working again once. What can I say, I’m handy that way. Don’t throw it away, fix it.

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