Pharma Gone Mad: Latuda

So I’m watching on Hulu and an ad comes up for the bipolar medicine called Latuda. First the name – that’s rife for a joke I’m sure. But one of the side effects of Latuda is death, I kid you not. Death.

I’d call Death something more than a side effect.

Pharma has gone absolutely mad. How can you think Death is potentially better than being bipolar?

2 thoughts on “Pharma Gone Mad: Latuda

  1. Hellos, SPO. We meet in the oddest places. No, the ads for Latuda are pretty dire. Have you seen one? They do advise of, err, rather major side-effects, including permanent muscle spasms, strokes, suicidal fixations, cholesterol issues, and don’t even think of grapefruit.

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