Again apologies for the geeky stuff

I notice whenever I post something that goes off into the geekiness of electronics it flies over the heads of just about everyone who reads this blog.

Its just that i post about stuff that interests me. And you have to admit this looks pretty cool as well as being a significant upgrade to the capabilities I have now.

You have to admit it’s gorgeous. Just 12 inches wide, 6 inches high and a bit under 5 inches deep. And all of about 7lbs. And it’s a 7″ LCD screen – most scopes are 5″. Plus full color. I guess you have to with four channels but it’s a beauty and represents a leap forward in capabilities. This sucker even has math functions built in. And it’s easily hackable up to a 100MHz bandwidth scope. Plus it hooks up to an ethernet network, you can stick a USB stick in and capture screens as png files, all in all it may be a budget scope but it’s packed with features. Can’t wait until it gets here.

I’m reading through the manual for it now – pretty standard fare for a scope.

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