Well – Memorial Day is almost over

We didn’t do a damned thing. I just recovered from work. I did do something though – I took an inspection look at the air conditioner lurking in the basement. It’s a window mount type.

Plugged it in to see if maybe the GFCI outlet had quit – nope – it lit up and turned on.

And I believe I had posted how I ordered a new deep fryer. One with about six times the capacity of the older Rival unit we had. Got that and a good Spyder for fishing chips out, but realized the basket comes out of this new deep fryer. But it’s good for delicate items. So all good there.

Well I also want to do my own potato chips so I also ordered a Mandolin. It’ll be here tomorrow.

Also made a realization – someone forwarded me a  recipe for a lemon based cake. And I was looking at the ingredients and it hit me, had all of them in the house. This is me who has at last count Unbleached All Purpose Flour, Wheat Flour, Bread Flour, Cake Flour, and regular bleached All Purpose Flour. And then oils  which include canola, corn, peanut, and olive. Vinegars include white, cider, balsamic, and one strawberry vinegar.

And in the technical – my new oscilloscope will ship tomorrow. It’s through a company on Amazon called Tequipment. Apparently they aren’t THAT hungry as the order went in on Friday. But at least they take their holidays seriously.

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