Uh oh – the Federal Government is getting Swatted

In the gaming community there is a practice called Swatting. Basically you find a VOIP service that lets you play fast and loose with the rules for Caller ID and BTN data and you call the police department in your victim’s community. Because the gaming platforms today include cameras you get to watch your victim as his house is invaded by police SWAT teams, hence the name Swatting

In the past couple days airports and now even the U.S. Capitol have been swatted. Best of luck finding the perps if they don’t get stupid and brag about it.

It’s a flaw in telecom systems that is at the root of it all. Because it all originated with the old Bell System. There was no need to authenticate Caller ID data or even BTN data because you were doing business with other Bell companies. The assumption was it was all authenticated. But even since the mid 1990’s when alternative carriers got in on the game – and exposed a fair amount of their networks, well people learned how to spoof their caller information.

What concerns me about this isn’t so much the practice, but what the practice could be adapted to do if you think it out. Criminals for instance could tie up police at opportune sites while they commit their crimes. That’s the generic of course, the specific acts I leave to your imagination.

It’s the same thing with the communication bus on all cars since the late 1990’s. It’s called a CAN bus. It runs EVERYTHING on the car, or lets it communicate with everything. One of the proposals the federal government has is to get cars to be able to talk to each other. And you just KNOW it’s going to hang off the unsecured CAN bus. A rogue actor could have a lot of fun with that, particularly since braking, acceleration, and steering in many cars is on the CAN bus.

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