More things coming in

So today I ordered a case for the Rigol scope. It hit me that the Tek has the cover that goes over everything to keep it nice and safe. And I want the same for my Rigol scope.

Also ordered a function generator kit. That way I can set the scope up properly.

I note it has bnc connectors on the kit – I’ll just tap a wire in and clamp the probe to that. Problem solved.

Then I can use it once I finally build my Pixie QRP 40m kit. Let me translate:

Pixie is the product name.

QRP is a Q-Code for low power operation.

40m is forty meters. The wavelength for the band that runs about 7.0MHz to 7.3MHz. Yes, three tenths of a Megahertz of space. But we hams get through.

Plus the Pixie is a CW radio. CW stands for Continuous Wave where you use a key to turn the signal on and off in the form of Morse Code. Yes – I hold an Extra class amateur radio license and I got my extra when you had to know 20WPM code. Now of course there is no code requirement even for the extra. Ut si!

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