USPS is failing

So in a prior post I’d related how a 3 days package took close to 7 days.

Now I haven’t had a problem with things being delivered per se. Items I’ve ordered on Amazon have arrived ahead of Amazon’s predicted date.

However one issue – I ordered a Rigol carrying case for my DS1054z/DS1104z (Split personality, the outside says it’s a DS1054z, but I’ applied the keys to make it a DS1104z). The tracking number for USPS says nothing found, but I received the bag yesterday. I let the vendor know I’d received it. But if I were a little less ethical I wouldn’t have said that it never arrived – and the USPS track is gone.

So USPS is falling down on the job. I blame congress, since those in congress are the assholes that forced USPS to front end fund the retirement and benefits for workers. So as a result USPS is using more temporary employees. And they just don’t give a shit.

Even to how they deliver. The carrying case was in a big box left on the front porch. Other items get left by the back door. No rhyme or reason to it.

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