Our Super Saturday

It started at 8:00AM. Got all the weekly shopping done by 11:30AM. Reason for that was a friend of mine was getting married. Definitely an awkward for Keyron though. In my case I knew a few people there. Had run across them in my travels through my career and associations.  In fact that’s how I know the groom.

The groom and I both worked at a certain infosec company and knew each u other through the local DefCon group. The groom is someone who I can fully see working for the CIA, NSA and maybe even as one of the Kingpins of the anonymous group.

The ceremony was short, sweet and to the point. This was genuinely a couple that wanted to be married. Just a ‘With this ring I thee Wed’ and that was it. No religious gobbledygook which I for one definitely appreciated.

The groom by the way definitely made the rounds just before the ceremony. Thanked everyone with a handshake too.

We met a couple, the male half of which is involved with musical production, the wife at an arts non profit. One of the more stunning parts of which was the guy admitting he was an alcoholic who has been sober for seventeen days. Keyron offered his congratulations, me on the other hand was like slightly agog at just seventeen days. But then I realized, every journey in life has to begin at some point  In time. So seventeen days is as good as seventeen years.

Had a good time though. It was a nice Saturday. And it gave some ideas for our wedding.

2 thoughts on “Our Super Saturday

    1. Well – he warmed to an outdoor wedding which was nice. This one was right on the waterfront, nice breeze, it wasn’t broiling hot. So perfect.

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