Month: June 2015

Why your god does not exist

I’m amused by people like Glenn Beck saying they have 10,000 pastors willing to die to prevent marriage equality in the U.S.

My response to this was that I’d like to help bring on the deaths of those 10,000 bigoted asshole pastors.

But someone had responded to my post on said article with:

Chuck Hagen: Why does an “All Powerful God” need a Bunch of Lowlifes and Gutter Trash to Fight his Battles for Him???”

Right the fuck on. If their god is so all powerful that they are omnipresent, omnipotent and omniscient then why does said god need all the fuckwits to witness for him/her/it?

That is a simple logical connection there. Because in the Bible it is mentioned that their god has all the above listed qualities. Except it isn’t so. I’m reminded of this wit by Epicurus:

Is God willing to prevent evil, but not able?
Then he is not omnipotent.

Is he able, but not willing?
Then he is malevolent.

Is he both able and willing?
Then whence cometh evil?

Is he neither able nor willing?
Then why call him God?

New Wire Strippers Received

So I plunked $20 on a pair of Irwin Wire Strippers.

I had been using a pair similar though not as sharp as  this:

They’re operated by pushing a piece of insulated wire through one of the holes. Spin then pull. Its effective sure but had a nasty habit of nicking the wire.

Just received these about half an hour ago:

These work a little bit differently in that you insert the wire, and squeeze the handles. The two little lugs at the top or left most side of the tool in this view rotate downward as they separate from each other. Takes the insulation right off the wire. I’ve tried it out on 22 gauge and smaller wire already. Works great. Less effort too.

Our Super Saturday

It started at 8:00AM. Got all the weekly shopping done by 11:30AM. Reason for that was a friend of mine was getting married. Definitely an awkward for Keyron though. In my case I knew a few people there. Had run across them in my travels through my career and associations.  In fact that’s how I know the groom.

The groom and I both worked at a certain infosec company and knew each u other through the local DefCon group. The groom is someone who I can fully see working for the CIA, NSA and maybe even as one of the Kingpins of the anonymous group.

The ceremony was short, sweet and to the point. This was genuinely a couple that wanted to be married. Just a ‘With this ring I thee Wed’ and that was it. No religious gobbledygook which I for one definitely appreciated.

The groom by the way definitely made the rounds just before the ceremony. Thanked everyone with a handshake too.

We met a couple, the male half of which is involved with musical production, the wife at an arts non profit. One of the more stunning parts of which was the guy admitting he was an alcoholic who has been sober for seventeen days. Keyron offered his congratulations, me on the other hand was like slightly agog at just seventeen days. But then I realized, every journey in life has to begin at some point  In time. So seventeen days is as good as seventeen years.

Had a good time though. It was a nice Saturday. And it gave some ideas for our wedding.

USPS is failing

So in a prior post I’d related how a 3 days package took close to 7 days.

Now I haven’t had a problem with things being delivered per se. Items I’ve ordered on Amazon have arrived ahead of Amazon’s predicted date.

However one issue – I ordered a Rigol carrying case for my DS1054z/DS1104z (Split personality, the outside says it’s a DS1054z, but I’ applied the keys to make it a DS1104z). The tracking number for USPS says nothing found, but I received the bag yesterday. I let the vendor know I’d received it. But if I were a little less ethical I wouldn’t have said that it never arrived – and the USPS track is gone.

So USPS is falling down on the job. I blame congress, since those in congress are the assholes that forced USPS to front end fund the retirement and benefits for workers. So as a result USPS is using more temporary employees. And they just don’t give a shit.

Even to how they deliver. The carrying case was in a big box left on the front porch. Other items get left by the back door. No rhyme or reason to it.

Currently Reading: Engineers of Victory: The Problem Solvers Who Turned the Tide In the Second World War

The books is by Paul Kennedy. It walks through the technological changes but not just that but changes in bureaucracy too. For example the inter-service rivalries in the U.S. had to be managed and even a concept like having a headquarters ship had to be developed.

But one thing emerges – the Nazi’s were really sons of bitches, Hitler prime among them. From the U-boats that were dispatched by the allies by using aircraft to the whole Blitzkrieg concept. Germany has a fairly up to snuff military in the 1930’s – and the military units they faced like that of France, Poland and even Russia to a degree all hadn’t progressed sufficiently enough from the technology of World War I. And Germany took advantage of that fact. And the Nazi Germans used some rather devious field maneuvers.

A great example – the Russian T-34 tank. The Russians had actually sent one to the Aberdeen proving grounds in the U.S. for testing. What came back were recommendations to rectify stiff controls, better gun turret, etc. The Aberdeen folks did like the sloped design of the T-34 though. (All images – click to embigen)

That shown above is a T-34-85. The Russians took the recommendations seriously – but it took some time to change over to building the T-34-85 when need for tanks was so high.

Consider – tanks prior looked like these:

And of course today tanks look more like this, An Abrams M1A1 – that baby has a turbine for an engine.

One interesting thing to note. In the U.S. Army – the three man crew of an M1A1 – they rotate duties. Today you might be the commander of the mission, tomorrow you might be gunner, or driver. Keeps everyone sharp. I like that. Hell if I’d had to join the Army I definitely would have gravitated toward tanks.

RIPTA needs to clean and align the magnetic card readers on buses

I’ve run into this problem several times and seen other people experience the same thing. It affects both the pass slot and card slot on the what I believe are SPX E-fare boxes.

Having dealt with computers, electronics and software over the years I can tell you that magnetic card read heads get worn down, dirty, and out of alignment fairly often.

So RIPTA needs to put preventative maintenance programs in place – to clean and align and/or replace magnetic reader/writer heads on the alleged SPX E-Fare boxes.

So I note

WP-InsightsThat WordPress has brought back Insights. As I said, maybe I’ll have some fun with it. Maybe I won’t. I just thought it would interest them to know about what one could do with a matrix.