The third wave of pickling results

So I believe I had explained how I did it. For those that didn’t watch here’s what I did:

1) Sterilized the jars and lids. I use the dry heat approach for the jars, boiling water for the lids.

2) Made  brine of 2tbsp of salt to one quart of water. Made a gallon of that.

3) Cut up these mini cucumbers – and parted out the dill and garlic. Yes I used fresh dill.

4) Put the cucumbers, garlic, dill and a black tea teabag in the jar.

5) Pour in the brine up to about 1/2″ or so of the rim of the jar.

6) Let the jars with the pickles sit for a few weeks. After about the first week I opened each jar and reached in and agitated the contents. That right there lets a little lacto-bacillus get in the mix and provide the sour component.

What comes out is a nice, very crunchy and tasty dill pickle with the essence of garlic and a slightly sour taste.

I made three jars – already went through one of them.

2 thoughts on “The third wave of pickling results

  1. I tried making pickles but I was to timid to eat any lest I bungled them and give me poisoning.
    I love love homemade pickles.

    1. Well – the jars are sterilized the brine is hot when it goes in. So that pretty much kills the nasty stuff. Plus most bacteria don’t like salt – and being the brine is salty helps. Lactobacillus is salt tolerant. And that’s what ferments and pickles.

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