USPS is getting somewhat better

So two 3 Day Priority package  that left Providence, RI on Friday July 3, destined for two different cities in North Carolina took only 4 days to deliver.

Perhaps it’s because I count the day I dropped it at the post office as a shipment day. I certainly should as the local Post Office did its job.

Here’s the proof – it’s identical for both packages:

July 3, 2015 , 9:59 pm

Departed USPS Facility

July 3, 2015 , 8:47 pm

Arrived at USPS Origin Facility

July 3, 2015 , 7:32 pm

Accepted at USPS Origin Sort Facility

July 3, 2015

Pre-Shipment Info Sent to USPS

And wonder of wonders on the 4th of July the Greensboro, NC post office – the one I said shut down for Mother’s Day, it processed receipt of the package at 11:52PM. Which of course meant they won’t process shit on Sunday and it went out to the local post offices today.

USPS needs to get on the ball.

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