Did it – ordered an infrared capable camera and dvr

So I ordered a color camera with infrared capability along with and extended cable and a digital video recorder. Less than $150 for the kit.

I’m going to hang it so it looks on the side of the building. I’m gonna catch me some taggers. Then I’m just going to spool the video onto a USB stick and hand it to the cops and tell them do their job. I almost want to put up a sign that says “Smile! You’re on camera!”

I’m sort of applying the 21st century version of broken windows theory here. Because even thought the Providence Graffiti Task Force painted over the tags – it’ll keep happening. And when I move out of here it all comes with me. The DVR is capable of handling up to 8 channels. So that’s good.

And I don’t think it’ll take long to nab the little miscreant tagger(s). And if the police don’t want to help I’ll just post the videos on YouTube, Facebook, and here. I figure someone might know said miscreants and I can pay them a visit.

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