WaterFire Providence 07-18-2015

So went to WaterFire this evening. We headed out a bit after nine o’clock this evening. It was PACKED. You could barely get through. But we have dogged persistence. We pushed our way through when necessary. Almost body checked a few people myself. How can I explain, I know you see me. If you don’t move you’re gonna feel me.

We walked nearly the entirety of the event and finally found a spot to sit and watch the fire and do running commentary on the music choices. There were a couple where I suspected we might hear Swing Low Sweet Chariot, or maybe the theme from the Godfather.

They did have some living garoyles and statuary though. All part of a group called Ten31 productions. I’m thinking when he and I get married I’d like to have a couple pyres and gargoyles present. Nah, I’m just kidding but the pyres would be interesting.

Here they are doing a performance. It’s pretty cool.

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