Uggh Opera

I know I’m going to offend a whole lot of people but I’ll go for it anyway.

Tonight I had the rare ‘treat’ to be in the company of a couple of Opera Queens. And so we watched La Traviata – or more like read it because it was in sung Italian which makes it doubly difficult to comprehend.

It’s a dead art form. Seriously – back in the mid 19th century when entertainment was shall we say tightly controlled I can see how Opera may have been an escape. But now we have a plethora of other entertainment options. I mean right at this moment I’m listening to Earth Wind & Fire’s “Saturday Night”. Good tune.

But we all have our thing – Me I like like a few different genres of music including Jazz, r&B, soul but even classic and progressive rock. Another of our friends can’t stand jazz.

But I rank opera right in the upper echelons of boring things like football and watching paint dry. Seriously.

I’ve never been one for read between the lines type of shit. I think they’re just trying to be clever. Note I said trying. And failing miserably.

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