This only works if you live in the burbs

Click to embiggen. 

Around these parts we use huge barrels with covers so no visible garbage. And Since there is a lot of higher density housing in the city  a lot of it is private hauling so we don’t have to sort recyclables. And all you’d find is a lot of peelings from vegetables like beets, carrots, potatoes, etc. Or refuse from kale, broccoli and the like.

You’ll find quite a bit of Trader Joe’s packaging in our trash. That’s par for the course of modern life even If we do have to haul over 10 miles to get to the nearest Trader Joe’s. It’s funny – in the city proper we only get Stop & Shop, Aldi, Whole Foods and Price Rite. No big box stores other than Walmart. But go 10 miles south there’s Trader Joe’s, Target, Best Buy, etc. Heavy retail is all oriented toward the suburbs of the state.

I’ve noticed something else – we city folks don’t do shorts in the summer or at least without frequency. But go into the burbs and everyone is in shorts and sandals or flip flops. It’s like the suburban uniform.

Here in the city if you want to know more about the neighbors sure you can rifle through their trash but that’s tacky. You can tap their phone and network connections but that too walks the line. And for the more criminal among us just break on in, you can learn loads about people that way.

Well – that ends this post. Gotta head back to Newport. Been spending a lot of time down there.

2 thoughts on “This only works if you live in the burbs

  1. Going by the pictures, at least the first few, I thought it’s the dog doing the thinking–all those yummy smells coming out of the interesting piles on the side of the road. My dog loves sniffing them all out; I have to control her from opening plastic garbage bags. By the way, I live in the city, though probably a small one by American standards. Population is less than half a million.

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