Policing: It’s time to disarm all police in the United States

Ok, I’ve seen quite enough. Hundreds of people, both black and white have lost their lives because of what in the 1960’s and even today is known as trigger happy policing.

It all comes from two things. First it’s the use of the Wonderlich test to filter intelligent people out of police forces. The second is their training. They aren’t trained to de-escalate a situation, they’re taught to shoot first and ask questions later.

I say this as someone who has/had family members who were police officers and firefighters or were at one time or another.  The good ones, the intelligent ones leave the departments after a few years. Because they see what is wrong. I worked with and got to know several ex police during my time at the Attorney General’s office.

So maybe it’s time we all start lobbying to disarm all police in the United States. Make them use the most dangerous weapon available to man – the human mind instead. Teach them conflict de-escalation techniques.

And there’s another thing – I’m disturbed by police claiming they feared for their lives. Look, when you become police you have to put that bovine effluent aside. You have to know you life may be forfeit at some point. Accept that and stop with the bogus claims.

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