First day on the new job

And what machine do I get? A Macbook Pro. Not too bad a machine. Just have to re-acquaint myself with OS-X.

Just got myself setup on most of the apps today. I can definitely handle the job.

There was some confusion as to what location I was to report to this morning. The offer letter said Boston, but they wanted me in Quincy. That was easily rectified.

i figure I could spend a few years doing this one. The commute isn’t horrendous which is nice.

2 thoughts on “First day on the new job

    1. Yeah – first the Red Line out of Braintree runs VERY slowly. It was like that today so I missed the 4:35PM train and had to take the 5:00PM. Then the 5:00PM was delayed by 10 minutes. I’ll be buying a car soon.

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