Day Three on the New Job

So today was interesting. They’re getting me more and more exposure. Or I should say I’m getting me more and more exposure to VP’s etc.

Also recommended putting in Squid proxy. We tested it out on a spare linux box in our office and it ran flawlessly. Now running a proxy gives you two things. First it gives you control over traffic leaving the local network. So when you have over 200 Windows 7 machines going out to get updates it doesn’t swamp your connection. Second, it gives you a track of who went where.

Funny story I related – told them about a certain chief of staff who loved his big, black beautiful women and hookup sites. And then who was shopping for shoes, playing games etc. That got a reaction out of them.

Also learned how to tell if someone is a hardcore Unix/Linux and BASH shell person. Had to teach their former guru who is taking a lesser role how Ctrl-R is a way to search BASH history.

Also showed the office mate how to use ps as in ps -ef|grep apache and have it show all the spawned Apache web server PIDs or Process ID’s.

Also found an anti-virus solution for the Macintoshes in the office. It’s called ClamXAv. Now I’ve  used an older version of Clam AV on my Linux box at home. Freshclam was a bit of a bear but it seems they’ve improved the product.

So yeah – I think they’re glad I’m there.

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